Bulking size quantities together (not for each individual size) - handmade business

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I'm new to Shopify following on from Etsy (which has different functions and capabilities)

I handmade products to order and am having trouble with variants and quantities.

Let's say I provide 4 sizes to customers, but I only have enough fabric to handmake 2 items (in any size) in total.

I'd like all 4 size options to be available to customers and when I've made 2 sales ( in any size) for the product to be "sold out."

On the products editor I can only edit quantities for each individual size - I'd like to able to combine the quantity for each product (not size).

A Shopify team member suggested I use "continue to sell when sold out" function, but that would not work as I would need to refund customers after the second sale.

Any help is appreciated : ) I'm on a trial and am looking at purchasing the District Theme.