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I see there are a number of apps which will create bundles.  Cool.


I can't tell from the description which one will be best for us.  


We sell 5 drinks, flavors A, B, C, D, and E.


We sell a "Variety pack" of flavors -- it contains 2 each of all flavors.


We also sell a nice piece of swag.


We want to create the following bundles


A.  Variety pack PLUS 1 box of any flavor (A-E), customer's choice.

B  Variety pack PLUS 1 box of any flavor of customer's choice PLUS swag


Which app will allow that customer choice from amonng the flavors. They are not variants.

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Hi !

To find the right app for us we had to look around quite a bit. The top ranking apps didn't work so well for us, i suppose every one has a specific thing they'd like to do with bundles so that makes it complex.

We do something similar with bundles using ZeBundler and asking customer which extra product they would like in their bundle in a commentary. So far it works wonders

Hope it helps ! 

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I tried to set up a bundle using Discount Ninja, which was recommended by one of the mods on the Shopify forums.


I applied buy 3 get 1 free, however the customers if paying the full amount and not noticing. This is going to cause me huge problems and bad will.


I also tried doing it through shopify discount but it's also not working.


Please help!