Buy Button with Discount

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Here is the scenaio ..

  • Wordpress site offers Yearly and Monthly memberships (daughter's site)
  • When someone purchases a Yearly membership .. in either her Thank You email (Drip) OR on her Thank You for purchasing Yearly Membership page (Wordpress) .. want to include a Buy Button for a 'free' t-shirt 
  • Understand I can do a Discount Code for the price of the shirt as a one time use for specific customer(s) .. BUT .. this customer will not be in my Shopify Customer List so this will not work

How do I solve this problem?  Is there a way to auto create the customer in my Shopify site by sending the customer's name and email address from my daughter's Wordpress site to my Shopity site?  Is there a way to include Discount in the Buy Button?  Open to any ideas on how to do this.


Second question is .. how do I invoice my daughter for these 'free' shirts?  While they are 'free' to people who join her membership she is the one covering the cost of the shirts so I need a way to 'bill' her for the shirts.  How do I do that?