Buy it now button on Venture theme, how to make it just "Buy it now"?

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I've just messed around with Venture theme and I'm thinking I like it better than my current Debut theme. Although I asked a question about the Debut theme and how to change some codes around, I'll probably convert over to Venture.


A big part of it is that it allows instant checkout with the "buy it now" button. My issue with this however, is that on the "buy it now" button shows the Google Pay button. I'd like it to be a regular buy it now button, as it still ended up directing the customer instantly to the checkout page.


Also, I'd like to know how to fill in the empty space below the product image of the product page in the Venture theme. Maybe like an image selector below it (similar to Debut), and have it show more than three images before the person has to click the arrow to see more. It seems like if the description is too long, it'll have a lot of empty space/gap.


I'll be messing around more with this theme, as I've barely started to try it. I might even mess around with different themes, but as of right now, I'd like to know how to figure this one out, so hopefully someone has an answer.venture question.PNG