Buy now button gone, after uncheck dynamic checkout

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Hi Everyone,


So im busy now for almost 3 hours to find the answer on my question. But i can't so now i want to ask you guys.


I had that ugly yellow paypal button on my store. So i found out that you have to uncheck dynamic checkout. So i did this, but now i have only add to cart button. And i want that my customers can choose between add to cart, or buy now. I installed the buy now app via sales channels, but this only allows me to add a product that is sellected in this '' buy now'' app to paste that underneath the add to cart. So i get a sellected product underneath a add to cart, that ridiculous.


So can someone provide me a add to cart button (black) so i can implement it in my theme?

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Hi @beautyjay ,


Can I have your store URL?

Thanks & Regards
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