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We use the USPS calculated rates to ship our products. Is there a way to add to the estimated delivery dates

when the customer is checking out and deciding on which shipping option to choose. The dates shown by the carrier are unrealistic. We make handmade products and it sometimes takes a few day to make. When customers check out they see these "estimated delivery" times and assume they will get their package in 1- 3 days when really there needs to be a few days added for making the product. We have put this information on our site but it seems that no one actually reads anything anymore. Any help appreciated.


Our shop is

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Hello, there! 

Ren here from the Shopify support team. I just adore your website! You have great products and an awesome brand and vibe. I think you really nailed your niche so kudos to you.

As a fellow hand-crafter, I completely understand the challenges when it comes to handmade products and the need to convey production time in addition to shipping time, however the USPS language and rates cannot be changed since they are pulled directly from USPS. Luckily, there are some changes and additions you can make to your website overall to help set appropriate processing and shipping expectations for your customers. 


I would start by adding your shipping details page directly to your menu so it's easy to find. I would also suggest changing "store policies" to "shipping policies" in your footer to really make it apparent.  You might also want to consider adding your processing time into your order notification email template. See how to edit that here.


Another step you can take is to change your theme language to reflect the additional processing days. This link explains how. Use the search field to find all the places in your checkout that use "shipping" language and reword it to reflect your processing time. 


Finally, consider an app like Custom Order Status. This enables you to update your customers in real life with email notifications as you complete each step of processing their order. (making your order, packaging your order, order shipped etc.)

I hope you find those tips useful! Are you getting ramped up for some Black Friday Cyber Monday sales? 



Ren | Social team @ Shopify
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Hello Ren,


Thank you so much for the kind words about our website. It is nice to get some feedback about the aesthetic.


We will definitely go over all your information and try to make some changes to our site to make it a little 

easier for our customers to navigate and make it apparent that it takes a few days to actually make the product(s)

before it ships.


Yes, we have been in "holiday prep mode" for the last two months.


Thanks again for your help and happy holidays to you!


Alex and Tammy

The Spirit Den

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Were you able to change the delivery estimates to accommodate the time for making the product? I would like to understand whether making every product requires a different number of days or is there a uniformity for certain type of products? If you are looking to add a fixed number of days for certain type of products, then we are introducing a feature in the Multi Carrier shipping label app. With this, app you will be able to create an 'automation rule' such that you can add a fixed number of days for a unique product type.