Can Collection list page include the # of Products in the collection?

The current COLLECTIONS screen lists the Collection Title and Product Conditions it contains and Sales Channels the collection is available on.

Would it be possible to add '# of products' the collection currently holds?

It would be a help when 'cleaning up old collections' or analyzing possible collections to modify/delete.
Adding it to the list of collections will eliminate the need to go into each collection to see and would be a time saver.

Thanks for your consideration

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Hey there @donnamac,

You'll need to add the following liquid tag to your collection template

{{ collection.all_products_count }}


Hope it helps.

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Thanks UmairA!  I'm not a 'coder' though.  Not sure where to add it in the module plus, there are a bunch of templates prefixed with "collection" in my Templates.  Not sure which to do this to? 

See screenshot below

Screenshot (479).png



Addendum....I do not mean the collection page that the customer sees on our website.

I mean the collection page in Shopify Admin, under Products.  I was doing some 'cleaning up', and getting rid of collections where there we no longer
any products that met the criteria.  However, I have to go into each collection to see if the product list is empty or not.

Screenshot (484)_LI.jpg