Can I Apply One Site Theme To A Separate Site & Replace All Of The Names/Assets?

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Good Morning,

I am interested in applying the theme that I use on one of my websites to another site that I own.

They are stores in completely different niches, but one of their layouts would be perfect if applied to my other shop.

What is the best way to go about this?

I have downloaded the theme that I intend to use on the other one, and have begun preparing all of my assets that will need to be replaced on the new site, but I am unsure of the next steps?

Will I need to go in and replace all text etc... through Sublime text, or should I upload the theme to the other site and begin making the changes piece by piece?

From an SEO perspective I understand that I can be flagged for duplicate content temporarily if I don't update everything immediately upon publishing/before it, so I want to be sure I have measured twice and cut once.


Thank you!


- Charlie 




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Really depends what content you have hard-coded or saved in the customizer - that'll all come accross as well, as technically its saved inside the theme. 

With dupe content, it's not really like there's a "penalty" it's just that if Google detects multiple pages with the exact same content it will generally only pick one to rank.

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So to be clear, all of that information is most likely within the theme for (on-page content, images etc...)?

I ask as in the export Asset folder I am not seeing anything minus icons etc... from the site, so guessing that we would need to go in & replace all of the images etc... with the ones for the other company's existing site.

The content will need to be updated however, as it is not the same company nor a similar niche & content theft can result in de-indexing (many years ago had a large client who was losing indexed pages at an alarming rate as it turned out that Amazon vendors were copying & pasting their content into their listings).


Thanks for all of your time & help, I appreciate it!