Can I build WITHOUT a bespoke theme? - various preferred requirements

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Hello, firstly sorry for the vague title, I have lots of questions so can't be specific on one thing.

I have a shop that sells mostly (football) teamwear. I had a website build for me several years ago with what I believe is a bespoke theme (or rather parts of it are). Here is the link - - This enabled the customer to be able to sort products by primary colour, secondary colour, brand, gender, age. And then be able to add customisation to the products such numbers, names, badges, sponsor logos. It served a purpose more as a catalogue, but it takes ages to upload products and to be honest doesn't sell much. I do 99% of my sales through my actual shop. I have no shopify coding experience, I can just add products and text etc. And on the times I've tried to edit menus and more complex things I've failed, perhaps because of the bespoke sections. My old web designers have grown much bigger than I can afford so getting small things changed can cost hundreds of pounds. 

I'm at the point where I think rather than trying to edit this current configuration I need to totally start over again. So I am wondering if through the shopify apps that I add myself I'll be able to:

1. Use CSV files to uploads products? (hundreds of products from each that change each year, I currently have to upload a selection manually which takes ages, but suppliers usually provide CSV data).

2. Have the option for customers to search using colour filters and/or brand filters etc. I saw this might be possible using 'variants', but for different product categories the same filters would always be needed. So within 'shirts'. for example, colour and brand might be needed, but within 'trophies' I might not need any variants. In my current set up the left hand side filters remain all the time, which isn't ideal.

3. Allow customers to add personalisation to certain products only and for that to add additional price to the product. So on a shirt again, for example, the customer might be able to add numbers on back and front (and in different colours) and have several badge and sponsor choices, but on tracksuit bottoms they would only have the option of adding small numbers / initials. So is there a way of saying these products can have ABC customisation, but these other products can only have DEF?

There are several large online companies that have good websites, Direct Soccer is an example of one of them using many of features I'd ideally like - and they also have a 'clubs' section which I would need also -, the top ten google search of 'football teamwear' pulls up the main ones. The sites don't seem mind blowing, but they are very functional and sell lots so must be working! 

I'd like to build this site myself to have complete control over it, gain a new knowledge in shopify design and to save money (I certainly have some time on my hands at the moment!). So if I'm doing it all myself would anyone think it's possible to build a site capable of doing these things? I'd love to say I'll build something better than my competitors, but they'll have a team of experts who spend all day working on their websites. But what I what like to say is that I can build something that functions smoothly, looks good and serves my current and new customers to an acceptable level of quality compared to my competitors.

Again sorry this is a bit all over the place and thanks for reading. I just need some guidance and advice / recommendations from people who have been there and done that.

Thanks very much in advance. Chris.