Can I change the "Compare at price" label?

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Hi, I have a jewellery website, and most of my pieces come with a valuation certificate. eg. a piece might be valued at $1000 and I'm selling it for $500. I know you can activate the "Compare at price" and it will show $1000 with a line through it, but is there a way I can use that field so that it doesn't put a line through it and it has a label "Valued at"?

All of my stock are one offs, and therefore all have different valuations, in other words, if I have 500 products on my site, there will be 500 DIFFERENT valuation prices, every stock item is unique.

There are some apps that do it, by I was looking for a free way to do it, and also be able to use an existing field in the product page.



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The way the compare at price is shown is down to the code in the theme. So you could certain change the appearance so it no longer looks like a sale item, but used for valuation instead.

Editing the theme code makes more sense than trying to get an app to do this. 

Each theme is different and so is the code that would be needed here. Can't give you any specific steps at this stage but as least you know the idea is now possible.

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Hi Jason,


Alyssa here from Shopify.


An alternative to adjusting the coding to your theme is to also check out the language settings of your theme as well as you may be able to change the wording of how your compare at price is displayed. If you are using any of our Shopify supported themes we may be able to help you out with an adjustment like this or to the code and I've sent you a quick follow up email which you are more than welcome to respond to so that we can discuss this further. :)


Thanks again for reaching out.





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How can you change the compare at price to a "Buy 1 Get 1 FREE" on Brooklyn Theme?? Is there any way I can have this for just one collection of products??