Can I hide inventory level from public view?

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Hi, I'm new to Shopify so please excuse my ignorance. I have searched this forum and the net and couldn't find the answer.

I want to be able to use Shopify to track my inventory BUT I don't want the product page to say "only 1 left" when there is only one left in stock.

Is there a way to hide this from public view?

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That would be a feature of the theme. You may have a Theme Setting that will let you disable that, or you may have to find the section of code and remove it. 

Since I don't know (and can't see) the theme you're using I can offer much help on the code removal front.

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To hide the inventory count from customers on my product pages, I found a solution. I went into the code and deleted the according code. 


  • Thème > code > Sections > Product template > delete the code saying :


"<div class="gbStoreInventory">

<strong>Inventory:</strong><br />

<span class="gbStore-inventoryLocationLoading">Loading..</span>