Can I make Blog page as my stores home page until I am complete and ready with all other details of my store

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Hi, I want to let  my store's blog page open to public and hide all other navgation until my store is ready. Is it possible? What do I tweak and which files?




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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there Sukanta!

Genevieve from Shopify here :) 

There are three broad steps to this modification:

First, you'll want to duplicate your theme so that one copy can be published while you work on the other. This guide shows you how:

Your unpublished themes live below your published one, in your Admin>Online Store>Themes, where they can be customised and published when you're ready :) 

Then, you'll need to edit your published theme so that the blog page appears as the home page. To do so you'll want to replace the contents of your index.liquid template with the following code (being sure to substitute your blog's name for "yourblogname" in the first line):

{% assign: blog = blogs.yourblogname %}
{% for article in blog.articles %}
  <div class="blog-article-header">
    <div class="blog-article-header-date">{{ article.created_at | date: '%d/%m' }}</div>
    <h2 class="blog-article-header-title"><a href="{{article.url}}" class="blog-article-header-title-link">{{ article.title }}</a></h2>

  <div class="blog-article-body">
    {{ article.content }}

  {% if blog.comments_enabled? %}
    <p><a href="{{article.url}}#comments">{{ article.comments_count }} comments</a></p>
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Finally, we need to get rid of the navigation on the published theme. There are two ways of doing this:

  • The easy way is to add {% layout none %} to the top of the above code in your index.liquid template. That removes all the page layout surrounding the blog, though it can look a bit plain. 
  • The more complicated way would be to add {% layout 'alternate' %} to the top of the above code in your index.liquid template instead, and then create a corresponding alternate.liquid template code with the formatting you want. If you like you can copy the existing theme.liquid as a framework to edit, and simply delete the aspects you no longer want to appear on your storefront, but how you edit it will be up to your own preference :) 

Hope that helps! 

Genevieve S.

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This makes my blog the home page - but it removes any formatting of the blog. All I see are text blog entries with no formatting applied. How do I fix this?