Can I speak to someone to see if Shopify is the right solution for me?

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I have an existing business that is as successful as I want it to be (I don't want more work).  However, I am looking for a cart that controls inventory better than PayPal (PayPal has allowed purchases of more items than I put in my cart), control order sizes (mostly maximum of a product item), and to has the ability to automatically show items that are out of stock.

I have a large following and have an annual sale where I receive 90% of my income in a matter of a few days that has been frustrating for both me and customers as my product quantities are limited and some items sell out within minutes and with the PayPal cart I've used for a few years people are allowed to put an item into their cart even if it is sold out or, if it sells out before they check out, they get a rude surprise and I get complaints.

The sample pages I see are pretty but I want all of my products (300+) listed on one big page in an alphabetical list format.  I know it's not pretty, but it has been very functional and helps me get some products that are less well known looked at more often.

I have thought of different ways to slow down sales, perhaps having a higher shipping cost for the first few days.

I'm open to the idea of hiring an expert but don't even need a cart set up at this time as I just finished my big annual sale.

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Hi - nothing you’ve said so far would make me think Shopify wouldn’t work/be suitable for you.

- there’s an app that lets you limit order quantity
- almost all themes clearly show out of stock message plus stop you from adding oos items to cart
- a page that lists all products is straightforward enough, although depending on exactly what you want, may require a bit of coding
- Shopify servers will definitely handle your traffic spike

Could be worth also looking at WooCommerce as that also meets your stated requirements but does mean you have the hassle of hosting.

If you have any more questions then feel free to DM me.
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Hi there,


With ShipperHQ, you’re not limited to customizing your shipping rates and methods based on only a couple factors. Here’s a list of factors that you can customize your shipping by:

  • Zones defined by Country, Region/State, City of Zip/Postal Code
  • Price, Weight or Quantity Filters
  • Per Quantity or Weight Unit Charges
  • Minimum and Maximum charges
  • Shipping Groups and Customer Groups
  • Shipping origin-based rules 
  • Box-based rules
  • Surcharge or Discount Live Rates
  • Hide or Show Shipping Options

This is handled by our Carrier Rules functionality, which you can read more about here. The nice thing about shipping rules is you can be as granular as you want, which means you have a major impact on how much you charge and the type of delivery options you provide. 

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