Can I use multiple shipping apps / management systems in my store? Or can it be only one?

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Hoping for some help on setting up the shipping on my webshop. 

I sell jewellery and for insurance purposes, I have to use 2 different shipping providers/ companies. I am just wondering if the site can accommodate two apps or whether i have to find one.

I live In denmark. 

1. For orders under 1000DKK, I am using Shipmondo - I have chosen this platform because its in english, super easy to use and have access to lots of cheap rates. 

2. For orders above 1000DK, I have to use a different courier company (Postnord) as they provide insurance for jewellery.  They use their own integration app / system. 

Will I be able to use both at the same time to set up the different shipping methods? Will it be seamless for the customer? I dont want them to get confused because the apps arnt talking to each other. 

Ideally - if they buy goods in excess of 1000DK, I only want the 2nd option to show (postnord). 

I hope this makes sense.