Can a shopify developer turn pretty much any designer to a store?

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I am looking to get a Shopify website built for a company that sells dinner plates and dinner sets online.


I am looking to use 99designs to come up with a winning design, but don't want to end up with a design that a dveloper finds difficult to build in Shopify.


Can this happen? Or is the reality that you can build pretty much whatever is designed?

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@hedgey the main limitation is your budget as to what a designs graphics&layout can be turned into a liquid based shopify theme.

Make a wild and crazy theme expect to have a wild and crazy budget.


Features are a different story there only a very few very advanced web features that shopify obviously doesn't work with such as offline mode.


There is also the storefront api letting you build shopify into designs using other systems like wordpress|react|angular other sdks let you go even further like inside video games.



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Thanks for this Paul. Any advice on where to find good value designers and devs?

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I've removed posts pointing to the shopify expert page that have referral links in place. If you posted here and you post is missing, this is why.


That's one habit we don't want to see become a trend on the forums - links should be posted in good faith and not with intention on making $.

Here's the same link for those that see this post later

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