Can anyone PLEASE help me put a line of code in my header

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Hi folks

Just hoping a good samaritan can help!

In my header I have "account", "search" and "cart" images.  I want to use a line of code from TrustPilot (a review website) to put a logo linking to their reviews site in, but with my very basic code knowledge, I don;t know where I''d put it in the Brooklyn theme.

Ideally I'd like it as the final symbol

Can anyone help? 



Hello Glen,

You need to add TrustPilot logo to Assets file (svg would be great, size 20x20 or so).

Then open Sections / header.liquid and after this code (it would be 242 line or so)

<li class="site-nav__item site-nav__item--compressed">
  <a href="/cart" class="site-nav__link site-nav__link--icon cart-link js-drawer-open-button-right" aria-controls="CartDrawer">
    <span class="icon-fallback-text">
     <span class="icon icon-cart" aria-hidden="true"></span>
     <span class="fallback-text">{{ 'layout.cart.title' | t }}</span>
    <span class="cart-link__bubble{% if cart.item_count > 0 %} cart-link__bubble--visible{% endif %}"></span>


paste this code (with your link in href="..." and file name inside {{...}})

<li class="site-nav__item site-nav__item--compressed">
 <a href="YOUR LINK HERE" class="site-nav__link site-nav__link--icon">
    {{ 'YOUR FILE NAME' | asset_url | img_tag }}
  <span class="icon-fallback-text">
   <span class="fallback-text">TrustPilot</span>

so the new code should be just before this code:

<!-- //site-nav -->


Hope it helps!
Best regards,

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