Can i have captcha completely removed from my store?

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I'm trying to remove gcaptcha completely from my store. I have unticked "Enable Google reCAPTCHA on contact forms" but it is still redirecting to the challenge page. I need this removed because i have redirects setup for new registrations and new newsletter signups which will not work if they have to go through the captcha form.

is there a line of code somewhere in a theme that can be changed to stop users from being forced to do the captcha?



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Hi @MGerace 

I believe there are other captchas on the store to prevent bots from completing actions. You only decided on the form section, there are other sections.

In order to disable the captcha completely from your store, which will make your site vulnerable to bot spam, (Could possibly bring down your store). You will need to go to Shopify support and ask them to turn it off from their backend. I think some people have had success in getting this granted from Shopify.

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Hi MGerace, 

This is actually possible with this Shopify app here:

This app hides the ReCaptcha icon so that your live chat and other apps can be seen again and the loading speed of your website will be boosted up.

check this out from the link above.


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