Can't Scroll to Checkout Button if Too Many Items in Cart on Testament Theme

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I actually checked my website on my cell and none of the other pages were
accessible. Only the cart. I had to delete the code so my website would be
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Don't delete the css. We will target it specifically for the cart page only so no other pages are affected. Your new code will be this: 


.template-cart .ajaxify-modal {
  min-height: 100%; 

@Wholesalekb, I visited your site on desktop and mobile and do not see the issue. Everything looks like it's working as it should. 

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@shayOwensby cart error.jpg


Thank you for taking a look. However on my end (ive tried on two separate computers) When I have about 5 or more different items in the cart the 'Checkout' button thats supposed to be at the bottom of the cart and subtotal is missing. Im unable to scroll any futher to find it either. I've attached a picture for you to see.