Can you use "sections" on pages?


I'm not sure if this possible without it being really complex - but I love the section features on Venture theme when creating the homepage but I'd like to use them to format my 'about' page.  I'm not a big fan of big blocks of text, and I've not been very successful at getting the text and graphics to work well together using the tools normally available when creating a page.  I've tried making graphics with the information, as then I have complete design control, but I know that's not a good option for SEO, or user experience on the site.  It also makes it difficult to read on mobile.  I feel like I could make a tell my story in a more dynamic way, visually, if I could figure out how to build things like the slideshow, or columns with text, into an actual page and not just the homepage.




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Please refer to this answer from the Shopify staff where they explain in details. 


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