Cannot Display Animated GIF

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This is driving me nuts - especially as I can see other people are displaying them!

I am launching a new product and want to put a few animated GIF''s on a Shopify Page to iilustrate functionality. One example GIF is: which displays fine as far as I can see when viewed in a browser. 

However, I can't get it on to a Shopify Page.

1. First attempt was to go to the Shopify page, click in the content where I want to add the image, click 'Insert Image', then Upload Image, found the image I wanted and clicked OK. All I got was the lovely red message "AN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE UPLOADING YOUR IMAGE."

2. So then I tried uploading the image in Settings > Files. This diodn't produce an error message but at the same time it didn't upload the GIF image idea why. Tried a few times and refreshed etc but the GIF image will not upload into file assets.

3. Final attempt was to use the google drive link above and use that for "insert image from url" on the page. This time I get the broken image link graphic on the page when I view it - still no GIF.

Can ayone explain where I am going wrong please? Any help greatly appreciated.


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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Richard,

I think this has to do with your GIF file specifically. I was able to easily upload an animated GIF to a page in my Shopify test store:

Keep in mind, my GIF of GOB was under 2MB (it was 1 MB to be precise). Try sizing yours under 2MB (remove some frames, it should decrease the size) and try the upload again.


Alicia | Support Lead for Shopify
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Hi Alicia

Thanks for the respoinse - really appreciate it. Must be something to do with the GIF but not sure what. I have some GIF images which are less than 1 Mb and I have the same problem so must be something inherent in the image itself. Can I ask what you use to create your GIF images? I am using Snagit and it may be something to do with the format it creates?


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I'm also struggling to upload a gif to my site!

I've uploaded it into Assets sucessfully, and I see it in files, but I don't know how to add it onto a page. I then create a page and upload it as an image, but it doesn't see it on the page. I know I'm doing something wrong, but not sure what. Please help!

Any help/instructions would be fantastic - thanks in advance for your help!


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Hey, the gif image which i use in my product page is not optimizing well on mobile device.. its oversized

Is there any way how i can fix that, so it fits both desktop and mobile ?? 

Thanks in advance 

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Hi, I have the same problem. Did you find solution?