Cannot upload theme via API

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Hi. I've been trying to hardcode a picture into the hero.liquid section. I finally got it to work in the theme designer. However, when I download the theme file and try to upload it to another store via the API, I get a 422 unproccessable error with the following error : {'errors': {'src': ['is empty']}}. I know that I am making the correct call because I have other themes that I can download from my store and upload via the API completely normally. Also, it does not appear to be an issue with the theme itself because I can upload them manually by pressing the "Upload Theme" button. I'm confused why only the API call would fail and why it would say src is empty.  Also the call that is being made is POST /admin/api/2019-10/themes.json. In addition, the following is my payload (where SRC corresponds to a direct link to a zip file stored in Google Drive. I have also tried storing it in Dropbox and this also gives the same error)

"theme": {
"name": "Please Test",
"src": "",
"role": "main"