Cart Token is blank in some orders

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We have customized one page checkout implemented where we add products in cart through cart.js on checkout page.

There are some orders where products added on checkout page got removed automatically in last step. Users can see those in cart but after clicking"Create an Order" those are not seen in actual orders.


By checking this orders through API we found that "Cart Token" is always blank for this orders and also

"referring_site" contains "&no_cookies_from_redirect=1" appended and "landing_site" shows checkout page url with "cookies_blocked=1&no_cookies_from_redirect=1" appended.


This happens in all devices and browsers and almost 2-3% orders affected.


Anyone has experienced the same issue and possible causes/solution?

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Hi Anil, 

I am having the same issue. This is indeed a weird issue. Such orders would also lose the "note_attributes" added using ajax cart API or by any other way. 

Were you able to figure this one out?