Cart to checkout not working - ?javascript error

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HI All,

I'm encountering yet another issue with Shopify.

When some customers try to checkout, they just get a loading circle which never goes anywhere. I have tried on my PC (running Chrome & MS Edge) & my mobile (Samsung Internet) & have the same issues. However, this morning I have taken one order paid via Paypal Express & another via G Pay so I am totally confused why this is happening. I have Limitisfy & Infinite Options third party apps installed. I read another forum post about a potential Javascript error with Infinite Options but I don't know what I'd be looking for.

Can anyone help? I've spent weeks having this site developed after migrating from Squarespace & thought Shopify was meant to be e-commerce friendly.

Thanks so much!



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Seems I've got multiple errors that I don't know how to correct. Can I hire anyone to fix this for me?



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Hi @annyeryn29,

Thank you for reaching out about this! I can definitely understand your concern about your cart>checkout not working. I was able to test this on my end and also saw the same issue that you are seeing. 

I was able to use my browser's inspect tool (Right click on the page > Inspect) to see that there were some issues when the cart tries to update. When the cart update tries to go through it is receiving a 404 Error. @ shop_events_listener-714e2e017903fad17d4471cb27d1f2c8a83b5a7a276f92420f7e5e40dbc9136e.js:1
/a/cart-update:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()


shop_events_listener-714e2e017903fad17d4471cb27d1f2c8a83b5a7a276f92420f7e5e40dbc9136e.js:1 [Report Only] Refused to connect to '' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "connect-src 'self' * * * * *".

Before doing any troubleshooting, the first step is to create a duplicate copy of your current theme file and set the new copy as live. This ensures we are not breaking the online store experience for customers while troubleshooting. 

While I am not an app developer from what I am seeing in the error messages that are coming up in the Inspect tool in my browser, this appears to be a conflict with the Limitsify app. I would recommend disabling the app and ensuring that it's code is removed from your theme file and testing to see if the store cart to checkout works once again. From there, I would then contact the app developers through the Support link in your APP page in your store or through their app listing in the Shopify App Store for help in integrating the app once again. You can also try installing a fresh copy of your theme file or rolling back the theme file changes to before the app was installed. 

You can learn more about editing theme code changes in our Help Center: Editing Theme Code and Rolling Back Changes

The reason some customers were able to finish checking out is that the express the checkout buttons bypass the native Shopify checkout and take them to their preferred checkout on their device. To ensure you are not missing out on future sales I would strongly recommend applying a fresh theme or backup theme file to your store until you are able to get this issue resolved. 

Please let me know if I can assist you any more with this through here.


Shay | Support Advisor @ Shopify 
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