Cart type page without being automatically open with debutify theme

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Hi, I’m at a dead end, and I don’t know what to do.

I have the debutify theme, which I like very much. Unfortunately this theme sends directly to the cart if the cart is in page mode, if it is in drawer it's ok, we can click on the cross and continue shopping on the page concerned.
the problem is that If I choose the drawer, an application allowing me to place discounts is no longer compatible.
I have more variant than one, I have some different colours, blue, pink, red, grey... 
He can't longer add the colour that he want if he clicks on add to cart.
So, the thing is, Because I have more variant than one + an app allow discount only if it's a page cart, I have to find a solution that can keep  the customer to stay on the product page even if the customer clicks on add to basket.

I’ve already tried this technique:

Unfortunately it works half-way, by clicking add to cart, the button displays a continuous loading, which seems odd. The person could not re-click on the add to cart.

I turn to the shopify community to try to solve this problem, after which I can finally publish my store!

I would hope to find a solution by keeping the application in question that is not compatible with the drawer, it is simple and sufficient. It is also free, and they have good service.
I sincerely hope that someone will be able to help me, this is my first store, it is not to look cheap that I say this, if I have to pay someone, I can do it. Unfortunately I am limited in budget. Thank you very much.
store :
password : theust
Thank you !