Centre logo in notification email on mobile

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Hi guys,


I'm trying to centre my logo in my notification emails on mobile.

I just followed some advice from another forum post, but I still don't have the solution.

They told me to add those lines into my code:


<td class="shop-name__cell" style="text-align:center; display:block">
<td class="order-number__cell" style="text-align: left;display:block;margin-top: 10px;">

 This worked for me on desktop, but i still don't see any change on mobile.


Attached how it looks now on mobile devices.


Notification Email Mobile.jpg

Would like to have my logo centered and push the bestelnummer##### (=ordernumber) one line down, between my logo and 'bedankt voor je bestelling!'


Can someone help me :)?


Thanks in advance!




I think there is 2 section left and right so it is not show in center. Could you share HTML code of your template?

Thank you :)

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Wow you helped me perfect! :) 

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