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Hey guys,

I am attempting to change some styling/wording on the Challenge Step page (accessed by failing to enter correct account registration data a few times in a row).

I've never seen this page before until now, and cannot find any information on it anywhere.

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Hey Jayden,

Those pages exist outside of the theme so are not something you have control over. That said, the content under What can I do? looks wrong and I've not seen that result before.

If you can still replicate this would you mind shooting that pic along with the store info to Shopify Support?

For reference, I see this on my test store:

I jump on these forums to help and share some insights. Not looking to be hired, and not looking for work.

Don't hand out staff invites or give admin password to forum members unless absolutely needed. In most cases the help you need can be handled without that.

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Is this seriously not available ? 

This page is crazy ugly, with no translation data in the translation file... what the hell Shopify ? 

I would understand in the case this page would display in case of too many attempts of sending a form. 
But it's not it. Shopify announcement: 

February 6


To reduce spam submissions, customers must now complete a captcha to verify that they are a human when submitting a contact form or signing up for a mailing list more than once in a 24 hour period. ? ?

This is crazy, 24 hours ? 
So any customer trying to submit a form twice within 24 hours (which happens very frequently since Shopify doesn't send any confirmation to the customer), then he will get that strange page, in English ? 

I really really don't get it. 

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yep.. i agree.. Hopefully they add a .liquid for that .. so that we can Style over.. grrrr...

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I'm implementing simple contact form on a site. I've added several fields to my form. 
Now that users submit the form - they are receiving this message: "To continue, let us know you're not a robot."
The fact that this page is not customizable is frustrating enough, but I've found another bug: in Portuguese the message says "Sua resposta não estava correta. Por favor tente novamente." - which has completely different meaning!

So in "Checkout & system" part of translations (in admin panel) I've found that notification message and error message are inverted. So I had to change them manually (see second screenshot). Hope this helps someone...


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You can use the 'g-recaptcha'  class given to the element. You can style it by overwriting/adding CSS or you can 'hack' it by changing things like HTML with JAVASCRIPT.

This is not one of the cleanest solutions but it is what it is until Shopify gives us a template to edit.

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I'm running into the same problem, after submit it brings you to a page that is completely not acceptable - my above the fold banner is gone so you can't see the header/nav menu, and the button style is all white so you can't see it.


I found this info which basically says to use a 3rd party emailer:


please update if you find a solution.


I feel like a circus monkey trying to jump through all of shopify's limitations... what a joke


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@Jason it's not entirely correct to say the challenge page is outside the theme? The challenge still renders where you put {{ content_for_layout }} - it's just we don't have a template to customize. A hack method to nearly reinstate one though is as follows: 


  {% if request.path == '/challenge' %}
    {% include 'challenge' %}
  {% else %}
    {{ content_for_layout }}
  {% endif %}


<div class="some-wrapper-around-challenge">
  {{ content_for_layout }}  {% comment %} <--- conent_for_layout IS the captcha form in this context {% endcomment %}
    /* NOTE: these classes are subject to change at any time... since they are injected by shopify / google captcha */
    .shopify-challenge__container {

    .shopify-challenge__message {

    #g-recapthca {
    $('shopify-challenge__message').text('Custom message or {{ settings.challenge_message }}')


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I'm facing the same problem, after login I see the captcha. But even if I complete the step correctly, when I hit the submit button, I'm redirected to the login page without contect, and no login done. How can I solve? Thanks.