Change Burger Navigation Button to Menu Brooklyn

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Hey guys,

I think some other people have already talked about that, but I don't find a right solution for changing the Navigation Button in Brooklyn theme to a "MENU" button. The following part is the code of theme.liquid:

button type="button" class="icon-fallback-text drawer__close-button js-drawer-close">
            <span class="icon icon-x" aria-hidden="true"></span>
            <span class="fallback-text">{{ 'cart.general.close_cart' | t }}</span>

Does anybody know how to change the burger button to a MENU button? 

I would be happy to here from you=)

Best regards

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Hi Felix. Did you find the solution for the menu button on brooklyn. I have the same demand.

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After trying a few suggestions and reading all the pages you read (I'm sure) I found a way to add the text 'Menu'

It Is under sections -> header.liquid

Line 128 for me.

I change the line to state Menu

<span class="burger-icon burger-icon--mid">Menu</span>

Now it shows the word Menu and when I click on the menu the word disappears and just shows the X.

If I put the word in <span class="burger-icon burger-icon--top">Menu</span>,

then the word stayed on the screen but it turned at a 45 degree angle when the menu was open. And the same for Bottom.


Hope this works for you.