Change 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' link destination

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How do I change my 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' link destination. It currently links to the 'PRODUCTS' page but I would prefer it to link to the 'HOME' page.

I'm using the MINIMAL theme.

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hello Chris! Paul here, from the Guru team.

I can definitely help you out with that! From your admin, you'll just want to head over to Online Store > Themes and then click on the "…" in the top right, and then "Edit HTML/CSS". From here, click on cart.liquid and look for the "continue shopping" code. For me it is around line 193, it might be different for you. If you're having trouble finding it, you can hit CTRL + F or CMD + F if you're on a Mac and type in "continue" to find the code. 

The piece you want to change is the "href = " part. You will want to delete everything between the quotation marks except for  " /". I took a screenshot here so you can see what it will look like!

You can see I have:

href=" /"

This will link that button to the home page! Give a try!


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Thanks bro, Your tweet helped me to resolve this issue. 



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I'd be glad if you can share the steps to shift the search icon towards the cart icon. I'm using venture and by default there is lot of space between those two, I'm trying to align them together so the store do not leave an unprofessional impression on the users. 


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Hi. I had kind of the same queastion and I found the line in my ciode and changed so cuastomer is taken back to collections. But I'd like them to be taken back to the collection where they just came from. Say I have collections: coffee, chocolate and drinks. Customer selected a product from collection colled coffee. How can I take them back to 'coffee'? See my current code below:

 <a href="collections" class="btn btn--secondary cart__update cart__continue--large small--hide" >{{ 'cart.general.continue_shopping' | t }}</a>

So before I had "collections/all" and I changed it to "collections" which is better but not exactly what I want.

Thank you!


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Hey Paul,


I have the same question. the link will bring me to all products collections, but i want it to homepage. The only thing here is that i dont see a href="/" link.. But maybe thats because im using BROOKLYN template. can you help me out? 


<header class="section-header text-center">
<h1 class="text-center">{{ 'cart.general.title' | t }}</h1>
<hr class="hr--small">
<p class="cart--empty-message">{{ 'cart.general.empty' | t }}</p>
<p class="cart--continue-browsing">{{ 'cart.general.continue_browsing_html' | t: link: routes.all_products_collection_url }}</p>
<p class="cookie-message">{{ 'cart.general.cookies_required' | t }}</p>


kind regards,