Change Contact Us email subject line or the email address

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Looking to direct "contact us" emails to specific email account rather than having them flow through the existing two options:

Shopify Account or Customer Facing Email


I've looked through the code on the but don't see how to change the subject line or the email address.

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Neither subject line nor destination email address can be controlled in the theme.

Subject line cannot be changed.

Email address is that of the Customer Facing Email.

You need another contact form to get more control:


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Why can't we edit the subject? Is there any work around?

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This is key functionality that is sorely missing from Shopify. The other app 'solutions' are overkill for what is a simple problem to solve.

I have a client who run a restaurant and winery. They need wine orders to go to their Cellar Door, and restaurant enquires to go to the kitchen. This isn't some 'out there' request - seems like a pretty basic form facility that Shopify really needs to implement, or allow developers to code their own implementation.

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It would be great to be able to change the subject line via the form inputs. Please allow us to put a hidden input and set the subject line where possible. Also great would be to change the to email.

<input type="hidden" name="contact[subject]" value"My New subject line" />
<input type="hidden" name="contact[send-to]" value"" />


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Also great would be to change the to email

The ability to change the email like that is a bad idea since it would allow anyone to send email via the shopify servers to any address. It would open to door so some serious spamming. That said, some ability to set an email address from within the liquid file would be pretty darn handy.

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I would love to be able to change the subject line as well, it shouldn't be a hard thing to set up I would think. I have a couple different contact forms on my website and those different forms are each handled by a different person but they are all sent to me then I have to forward them out. If we could at least change subject line per form I could set up a filter to auto forward to the right people, saving me a TON of time. The contact form other wise does everything I need it to do so getting another app for something that should be native seems rather silly.

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I concurr with the others here. I am building a site for a client who has multiple forms on their site. I've basically copied the standard contact form for each and then added custom fields for each one. It would be very helpful if I could change the subject line for each form so that they quickly know what the email is for without having to read through the entire form to figure out what it is.

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+ 1, subject line should be editable

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Dear Shopify, why oh why is the SUBJECT LINE on lock down? Such a super pain in the arse to look at all these contact emails and have no valuable info in the oh-so-important subject line.

Please give your customers an update on why this isn't something we can edit for our webstores!