Change Number to it's worded equivalent

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This is probably a very quick one, I'm still learning Shopify and Liquid.

Basically, on an invoice, I want to display the quantities of products as the worded equivalent format.

So for example 2 would become Two, 10 would become Ten.

Is there a function or filter in Shopify that enabled you to do that, or am I looking at writing some complex method to achieve this?

The reason is to make it easier for our fulfilment centre operatives to not miss the quantities peoples orders. We've noticed in a busy period during COVID a lot of mistakes are being made costing the business more money. We hope by doing this makes it easier for them to spot the quantities.



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There's not a filter that can do this, and making a condition that checks the quantity and sets a string variable as it's counterpart would be huge unless you're only doing it for like 10 numbers. 

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