Change 'SAVE 10 USD " tag in Supply Theme

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i'm Using Supply Theme and when i have product on sale it's shows me tag with 'SAVE and the amount' 

i want to chagne the 'SAVE $10.00USD' to SALE!

i found where to edit it: en.default.json

 "products": {
    "general": {
      "related_products": "YOU MAY ALSO LIKE",
      "save_html": "Save {{ saved_amount }}",
      "sale_price": "Sale price",
      "regular_price": "Regular price"

but when i delete the {{ saved_amount }} something goes wrong.

i don't know why it's happend but it's happend only when i delete the {{ saved_amount }} 

any suggestion?


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Hey Tim, 

Haha in my opinion I like it more when Im informed of the sale :P But if you want to change it the en.default.json file is the langugage code file. I would suggest against changing it directly there. You can make that change on "Online Store>Actions>Edit Language" And search for the keyword: "save_html"  and change it there :D See if that works. If it still shows no change I would suggest changing that on the html code. if that code is on the collections page, most likely youll find a snippet which is called product_loop.liquid or item_loop.liquid or something like that. If you know a bit of code youll be able to find it and just change the {{ 'products.general.save_html' | t }} to the text which you want to put.

Acutally you can simply search for the {{ 'products.general.save_html' | t }} code using the search on the top right hand corner of the page in the edit Html/css code. :P 

Good luck! :D


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got it

thank you very much