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If I have several products in a collection, but only some of the products within the collection not all, where I want to display the product title in a different color than the rest of the products, or perhaps otherwise different like bold, indented or underlined to set them apart, is there some kind of if/then or other css I can use to make this happen in a Minimal Theme collection? TIA  for any help!


You could add a tag to those products that you want to display differently and then check in the template if the product has that tag and if it does, add a class that you can target with css:


Assuming you've added a 'make-bold' tag to products where you want to make the title bold:

<div class="{% if product.tags contains "make-bold" %}bold-title{% endif %}">
  {{ product.title }}

And in your css...

.make-bold {
  font-weight: bold;
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