Change which variant price shows first in Collections

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For example:

One product has 4 variants that range from $0.99 to $5.95.
I need $5.95 to show first on the collections page instead of the default lowest price.

I am using the Supply theme, I just need to know the code to change and where to find it. I've already made a few simple HTML changes like adding quantity boxes to the product pages.

Please help me out with this soon. Thanks! So far, loving Shopify :)

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Edit theme and open product-grid-item.liquid.  Find the line of code below.

        {% include 'price' with product.price %}

If you want to display the price of the most expensive variant, change it to:

        {% include 'price' with product.price_max %}

If you want to display the price of the first variant, change it to:

        {% include 'price' with product.variants.first.price %}

I hope this helps.

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That did it! Thanks so much and for the quick reply.

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Hi Alex - I am trying to do the same with the 'Debut' theme but looking in the Edit Code section I cannot find the code you suggested to another member - is it different for my theme 'Shopify Debt'?


Any help would be appreciated as all my products in all collections are defaulting to the lowest price (which makes them all the same price!) and pretty useless for customers as I want them to all default to the highest variant price.


Thank you


Paul (and very new to this)