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I have some changes I would like to make to my product page in Supply theme but have not been able to figure out how. I would like to make the font of the title and price bigger. I would also like to make changes to the way the pictures work right now. I have it selected to be able to zoom but when I click on a picture it opens it and it takes over the page. I would like the zoom where when you hover the mouse over the image it zooms in but the overall size stays the same. Also, right now when you click on one of the smaller images it opens up and takes over the page. I would like to have it so that it takes the place of the main image. 

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Hi @mburns 

I am sending solution but if not work then send me your store url,

Add this in asset->theme.scss file

#ProductSection .h2{ font-size: 25px;}
#ProductSection #productPrice-product-template .money:first-child{ font-size: 25px;}

Note: for rest of image changes you have to make more Js customization its not easy 

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