Changing Banner to include image

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Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 17.01.02.png

It's this. I want the middle rectangle replaced with an image.  All I can on the theme now is text. There is no option to include a picture. 


here's the link to the preview of this theme:


Hi @!


Justine from Shogun Page Builder here. I believe that Shogun Page Builder may be able to offer you an easier solution to this issue, without the need for coding.


With Shogun, you can create or edit the content of your Shopify pages using different elements. The Section Element is used to structure page sections and create overlays with image and video backgrounds, which can be applicable for the look you want to achieve. You can even use an image as your "SHOP ALL" button, the possibilities are endless. 


You can try Shogun for free for 10 days, and the best part is that if you decide that it's not for you - you can uninstall, and keep all of your content. You can always reach out to our lovely support team if you have any questions or concerns by clicking here.


Have a great day! 

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