Changing object assignment in code

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Hi everyone! 


I am trying to edit my theme code. With the theme I am using, I can only add objects like galleries or text bodies to the homepage, or custom pages you make from scratch. However, I want to be able to add a gallery to the top of my product collection page, which I cannot do. It only gives me the option to edit the headers and footers on this page. Is there a way to change the gallery code block so that it will show up on other pages? 


This is all the options I can get when editing my homepage:
home page optionshome page options


















These are the options I get when trying to edit my collections page: 

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 10.45.25 PM.png

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this? 

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Hi @mnshop2000 ,

Please shoot me an email I'll help you with that.

Thank you!

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