Charging a $9.95 Setup Fee Per order

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I'm considering moving my website to Shopify.  However, there is one remaining issue that I need to resolve.

I sell custom products and currently charge a $9.95 setup fee that applies to each order.  According to Shopify, there is no way for me to add such a fee to a Shopify store.  They recommended adding the fee to my shipping charge.  However, I really need the charge to be disclosed as a setup fee.

Adding the fee to the product optons app I'm using won't work because the fee will apply to each item added to the cart.  I've looked through other apps and haven't been able to find anything that may work.

Can anyone recommend something that may work?

Thank you for your input.

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Hey Susan! 

Have you looked into the "Product Fees" app? It works differently from the Product Options app and It mentions on it's store page that it can be utilized to add custom product fees meant to charge for extra services, such as a setup fee in your case. These fees can be added per product or per cart. 

Take a look at the details and the demo of that app here: Product Fees App. They offer a 14 day trial as well so you can give it a shot without committing to it. :) 

Bob O. 

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hey @Susan_Eastin 

I realize this is an older post, but for anyone else looking you can use our app to do fees.

Thanks so much!