Checkout message error on shopify

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I am contacting you regarding an error message that keeps popping on my shopify page every time I try to proceed to checkout on my site. 

Site still in construction (not live yet). The message that appears is as follow:

It looks like this page is redirecting to a page that isn't compatible with this editor. To ensure that your redirect doesn't interfere with the editing experience, replace window.location.href = with = in your theme's JavaScript over here.

However when I click on the “here” link – I cannot find the “window.location.href” anywhere in the list.

Grateful if you could assist me regarding this matter.


Laura Nellan

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Did you have any success with it?

I'm trying to solve the same problem. I wonder if it is because I haven't purchased the theme yet!

The only thing I did besides customizing the Venue theme was to add the small piece of code for google analytics. I tried removing it and didn't help, I got the same result.

The shop sends all emails as planned and processes the order normally, showing it in the orders tab in the main panel. From the customer email I can perfectly see the order 's current situation on a "thank you" page. But I still can't make it go through from the payment stage to the thank you page.

Please help!