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we are trying to customize the checkout order summary list view to show/hide/customize specific line item properties.


We managed to achieve this for the cart view by editing the `cart-template.liquid`file, but we cannot find the corresponding list for the checkout/payment process where there is the order summary shown at the right side


Any pointers are appreciated

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Use an underscore(_) at the start of a LiP to hide them during checkout.


Checkout itself is not editable unless a store is on the shopify Plus plan.


After checkout the order status page,aka thank you page, also aka order summary has limited options for customizations.

Most advanced uses are with javascript to control display. 



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Thanks for the response.


In fact, the shop is on the Plus plan - and when looking at the checkout.liquid all I find is a {{ content_for_order_summary }} tag. However, I am not sure where I can find the code/template that is called by this directive. Any idea?

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content_for_order_summary is a Liquid drop that's generated server side. There's no template for the contents.

If you need to edit the contents of that you should be looking to use JavaScript. 


Whilst you could do some parsing of the contents with Liquid that's not a path I would recommend.


Some notes on the checkout.liquid layout file are in the docs:

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Hi Jason, Any idea how to remove the original price amount from order summery in the checkout page? Thanks