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I have a problem with my checkout page. I want all fields to be empty when my customers check out. No auto filling fields.


I have unchecked all boxes in the admin panel regarding this and it still doesn't stop auto filling. Please help.


I want my customers to always start from step 1 in the check out page and not automatically jump to step 3.


Any advice?



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My name is Anne, on the Guru team. Thanks so much for getting in touch with us :)

I completely understand what you mean, and I believe I know the solution :)

- When your customers go to the checkout, the filelds would only auto-fill if they are using a browser extension saves their information in their browser, and they have been on your site before.

- This information is actually only stored in their computer, and it may be the reason you see this occur yourself.

- Would you be able to clear your cache and cookies and try again? I am sure you'll see that the fields you have added will disappear :)

I hope this helps and if you need anything else at all please let me know!

Warm regards,

Anne :)

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@Anne_M I think that what @TheDanishFledgl was trying to say is that she/he needs to force disable auto-complete for when customers get to the checkout page. I'm having the same issue. I need to force disable auto-complete for all customers visiting my checkout. Is there a way to do this? I would like to block the browser's autocomplete function on my checkout page.


Thank you,

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Was there a solve for this yet? I, too, need to disable auto-fill to prevent any non-english characters from being auto-filled.

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I am also looking for a solution. It might be possible through backend programming

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Yeah this is a real issue -  $2k per month Shopify Plus users can lock the checkout page/form but not shopify basic.

It's problematic for many apps that are helping customers during covid for click and collect / local delivery as shopify's solution is too basic for most people (not reservation / collection / delivery scheduling). If they allowed us to lock the form this would really help many businesses.



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Shopify Plus doesn't have the option to prevent browser autofill from happening either (that I've found).

There are two similar things in play here: auto-complete and auto-fill.

Auto-complete is controllable from a Shopify Plus account, this stops Shopify from suggesting and address based on the customer typing into the address field.

However, there is no solution I've yet found for restricting auto-fill (where your browser stores your address info and allows you to pre-populate the address fields at checkout).


I'm a Plus user, and for Store Pickup orders our Shipping fields are pre-populated with the correct store the customer is choosing to pick up their order from.

A lot of customers were overwriting this data, which led to us hiding the Shipping Address fields.

However, if a user uses autofill from their browser, it still changes the Shipping Address, even with those fields hidden. This results in collecting the wrong taxes on orders, which is very costly. 


I know that there are options for restricting autofill on websites, I just haven't found a way to implement it on Shopify. Has anyone figured this out?