Choosing a Store Location at the Start

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Hey everyone,


I am trying to get curb-side pickup working for my Shopify website.  We currently have two different stores and this is what we require:


1) Customer chooses which store they want at the beginning

2) Stock levels from the chosen store are shown on the product information page


There are some apps that provide similar features, but all of them seem to have the customer choose which store at the time of checkout.  This doesn't work for us because I need to show the stock levels from the appropriate store on the product information page, prior to checkout.


Please let me know if any apps provide the features I need, or if I will have to change the code myself to achieve what is required.


Thanks everyone!

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Hi there!


As to display your stock information differently, it's better to set different domains for your stores. For example, for US market, and for Australia market. In this way, you not only can control stock information separately, but also product price, shipping costs, etc.. 


If you want to show only one of your stores that closely related to your customers, you could consider Geo Targetly solutions. It could detect your visitors' locations based on their IP and auto direct them to the appropriate store. Thus, your customers could be redirect to the correct store from the very beginning.


With its Geo Redirect tool, you can simply set redirect rules only within a few steps. No coed is necessary by yourself.


Hope it helps.