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Is there a way to put "Empty Cart" button on : 

- on the top right corner of main page next to "search box" and "cart(0)" button

- on cart page next to "update" and "checkout" button

Thank you


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You can clear cart by clicking the following link:

<a class="cartitems" href="/cart/clear">Empty cart</a>

But it's  hard to tell the exact location where to put the code and what CSS may be required to style it without knowing your theme code.

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Hi Tim, I am not 100% sure this applies to me but,  we are having problems with our cart. Clicking the "Remove" link under an item within the cart does not remove it and you cannot reduce/increase the quantity. This is a considerable problem for me as it should be basic for a customer to change their purchase options. I am using a modified version of Mile High's Showtime theme with a couple of 3rd party apps (Locksmith and Easy Watermarks) if that helps.


How can I make the "Remove" link work? I have tried it in multiple browsers and the same problem arises across all of them.


Thank you.