Clone text to different areas of website

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Hello everyone,

My shop ( has a banner that runs across the top, showing customers what date they are ordering for (we sell fresh-made food). I would like to take that date from the banner and have it automatically filled in, in a few places across the website, so there is no confusion as to when their order will be received. 
The goal is to update the delivery date once and have it copied to all necessary areas. I hope that this is simple because the said date is already displayed on every single page of the website (but people still seem to miss it! ugh!).

I found the CLONE function via jquery, but all of the examples use a button to activate the clone function, but I want it activated on page load. I can usually alter generalized code enough to fit my needs, but as I am not a programmer by trade, I am having some difficulty with this one.

I am also open to other ways to accomplish this.


As a bonus, would it be possible to add a custom field somewhere at checkout (hidden) and apply the delivery date there too? with this goal of having that delivery date then injected into their confirmation email. 

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