Coding in a pre-order button

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Ok, so I have the free debut supply theme. I'm trying to add in a pre-order button. Shopify has provided me with a step by step guide which is honestly easy, however, it's not verbatim to my theme coding so I need a little help. I will provide the Shopify step by step & a screenshot of my code. I get stuck at step 11.


<span id="AddToCartText">{{
'products.product.add_to_cart' | t }}</span>

from <span - {{  that's line 155 - 159 in my coding. In their coding, it says they are next to each other. on mine they are not. So its separate code? or all one, 155-159?


then it says to replace with 

<span id="AddToCartText">{{
'products.product.add_to_cart' | t }}</span>

 So do I replace JUST 155 with that whole script? or  155 with just the top line script? or all of 155-159 with the whole script?  BECAUSE :


then it says to replace the 'products.product.add_to_cart' | t }} </span>     with 

addToCart: {{ 'products.product.add_to_cart' | t | json }},

 So does that mean just replace 159 with this script?


THEN it tells me to replace my line 159 with 

addToCart: {{ 'Pre-order' | json }},
so that leads me to believe the first replacement is for my line 155-158 while this last replacement is just my line 159? I hope this made sense lol 



Screenshot (171).png