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Hi everyone, I'm starting a regional business and would like to ask visitors for their zip code when they sign up for newsletter/marketing email so I can provide information relevant to their location.   


I added contact[ZIP] to the newsletter section just above the email.  it's showing up fine on the front end  and customer can enter and submit.  however, as far as I can tell, no zip data appears on the backend whereas email is properly stored.  I guess the bigger question is how custom data is collected and stored in shopify.  I understand that it's possible to create custom field as part of the registration but I'd like a light weight newsletter signup process (without full registration) that also collects one or two other useful pieces of information if possible.


Thanks in advance for any insight!





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Hello, did you ever figure this out? I have the same question. Thanks.

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Hey @oomomi and @ocwildseafood

I am not sure if either of you are still looking for a solution that allows you to create a customized newsletter form, but I wanted to provide a suggestion just in case. To be clear, it's not really possible to collect extra customer information and have it save into the proper places in the Shopify admin without using an app that hooks into Shopify's Admin API. You can get custom data to save to the "Customer Note" by editing the store's registration form (see details here), but for some merchants this workaround is not very ideal. 

If you're willing to consider using an app, then I would suggest taking a look at the Customer Fields app. The app itself is very powerful and allows you to create all sorts of customized forms, including forms for customer registration and newsletter signup. The app is primarily designed for custom registration and "Edit account" forms, but you are welcome to use it to create newsletter forms as well.

In @oomomi's case you could create a form in Customer Fields that collects the customer's email address and zip code (and perhaps country). You could also have a checkbox that allows customers to implicitly opt-in for marketing, or you could use a "form rule" in the app to automatically opt them in once the form is submitted. All of the customer's information (email address, accepts marketing, zip/postal code, country) would be automatically saved into Shopify. To be more specific, the email address would go into the customer's contact details or "Customer overview" in the Shopify admin, and the zip/postal code & country would be saved into the customer's "default address" in Shopify. This means means you could use virtually any email marketing app for Shopify to send out newsletters or other types of marketing emails using the information collected by the customized form. The app also supports Shopify's regular phone number field, which means you could use SMS marketing apps to send out text messages as well!

If you want to collect truly custom data using Customer Fields (for example a customer's birthday, gender, or favorite color), then this data would be automatically saved into Shopify's customer metafields. With metafields you can use other apps to access the custom data, or you can even display this custom data directly on the storefront using Liquid.

Here are some links with more details:

Hopefully this helps!

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