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I'm experiencing a bit of a problem with both Brooklyn and Boudless themes. Basically I started with Brooklyn and on the homepage I added "collection list" section. The thing is the picture have a good aspect ratio but are too small to my liking... I have checked all over the forum, didn't find anything to change that. So I went to the theme.scss.liquid and tried to work from there. The problem is that even though I managed to change the heigth of the picture, I can't change the width. There is a module dedicated to the "Theme collection collage grid" but it only allows to modify heigth. 

So then I tried the boudless theme and this time, the height is fine to me but the width is too small (it's a square)... can't find anything either to change that...

If anyone has a solution I would greatly appreciate it.

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I am experiencing the same problem. Has anyone figured out how to do this within the code?

Thank you in advance!

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BUMP***** im also getting super larger images please help