Collection products linking to a specific variant option

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Hi everyone, I'm new to Shopify and I'm having to figure out a way to link from a list of products with two types (We sell books) paper back and eBooks. 

By default, paper back is the first option selected and displayed in the eBook collection (Automatic collection), the link to the actual product displays the paper back option, however, I need the link to be the eBook option both on the collection page as well when you get to the product page, and still have the option to switch back to paper back if the customer wants to.

I have a customer theme that I'm working with and it also doesn't help that I'm not very familiar with the liquid language.

Here is the eBooks collection page:

As you can see here, it defaults to the paper back option in the pull down menu:

I need it to default to the eBook option.

Thanks in advanced.