Color swatches linking to different products

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I'm new to shopify and started working on this awesome platform half a year ago and now I'm facing a big problem where I would like to ask for help to the community.

I'm working for a website and we made a system for linking different products and made them look like they are variants, you can preview it here: hovering on a product (only on pc ) it will show other colors for that product and they will link to the product page.

Unfortunately this system (with metafields and tags) worked well at the beginning but now it started having bugs and issues, it shows different products on hover, doesnt revert the initial image after the hover or doesn't load images...It works great on product page tho, but not on collections, maybe it can be related to that?

Unfortunately I don't fully understand how the script works, a dev wrote it but is not currently available due to personal issues and I would like to learn and understand how it functions.

I can link the snippets if needed, I would really like to understand how it can be fixed or if there is a totally different and more simple solution -  OR APP - that can help me/us.

Thanks in advance!



I guess its hard to debug/test this issue by sharing snippets code. Do you mind if I send an access request ?

Available for hiring. Inbox me lixonic[at]gmail[dot]com
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Adding color swatches on collection page is a very usefull idea for the stores which have multiple color variants for their products.

Adding and managing the color swatch button background can be very hard if your stores contains a lot of products. We have created an app Collection Swatch Pug to overcome this situation and the app can be used to show the swatch button on both the collection and product pages easily.

Try our app for free on your store and see if suits your requirements. The app setup is free of cost and support team is more than happy to help you with the setup:


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Hi Stefano, 


are you able to share how you managed this (or point us to the developer who helped you) as our client is asking for exactly this? Thanks in advance, Sam

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Hello Stefano,


I have a problem that you have solved on the website you mentioned

In this Shopify Store you have created different products for each variant and then you Link them on the product page.


What i mean by linking them is the color swatch you have implemented on the product page.


My email is i am interested in working with you on this specific problem.


Thank you in advance,