Combine bundle with additional products and add to cart together

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So I think I have a rather specific problem but was not able to find an app or solution for my problem.

So currently I have a set of 3 products which can be bought together and are therefore cheaper. This set is a combined product and has a lot of variants as there are many combinations of the variants of the single products. The products have different prizes depending on the sizes of the products. Now I would like to offer two of the products as a bundle (a bedcover and pillowcase) and give the opportunity to add additional pillowcases and/or a fitted sheet. It should look like the bedcover and pillowcase have a min. quantity of 1 and additional quantities can be added. Then everything can be added to the cart with one button.

I was having a look at the Bold Bundles Combo Product solution but unfortunately it is not possible that the products have different prices which is my case for different sizes. Is there something similar which might help?

Thanks for the help!