Combining like variants (S, SMALL, SM, etc...)

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Hi there,

I am having an issues with variant sizes for my many products. I have lots of clothes from different vendors, the issue I am having is-- the vendors variants are all over the map, all depending on how they inputted it on their end which I can't change manually (Small, SM, S, sm, etc... all for small size) and I can't change them manually or it could mess up the sync between my vendor hub site and my store I am being told by support. Is there any way to combine these all to show my customers only one option such as SMALL instead of all the variants ex."Small, SM, S" when I add the filtering option for easier product searches for my customers?


I hope my question makes sense! Thank anyone who might have an answer for me!

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Hello @bbrynn 

The Ultimate Product Filter+Search has the feature to group option values into a common one.merge-values.png

I hope it could solve your issue without changing product data from your suppliers.